Anthenat, Kim

Math Teacher
Baker-Raivo, Johanna

ELL Teacher
Barlow, Ed

Band & Music Exploration
Baso, Anna

Special Education Assistant
Blattner, Lindsay

Speech Language Clinician
Branch, Earl

School Success Program Assistant
Branch, Matthew

Community Ed: Beacon's Program Coordinator
Brown, Joseph

School Support Program Assistant (SSPA) & Athletic Director
Brown, Luvenia

Special Education Assistant
Burgos, Daniel

Transportation Coordinator and Office Support
Casell, Todd

Special Education Teacher - Fed III DCD
Chastan, Nancy

Inclusion Specialist
Chisley, Katherine

Special Education Assistant
Connors, Katy

Office Assistant
Coveny, Karen

Special Education Assistant
Dean, Matthew

Math Teacher
DeJarlais, Patricia

Math Teacher
DeLisle, Sharon

Math Teacher
Doherty, Tiffany

Math Teacher
Dorsett, Kim

Language & Literature Teacher - 6th Grade
Dwight, Elizabeth

Spanish Dual Immersion Coordinator & Spanish for Spanish Speakers Teacher
Eliason, Robyn

Individuals & Societies, Community IB and Spanish Immersion
Evitch, Christine

Cafeteria Supervisor 
Forrest, Hayley

8th Grade Individuals & Societies: Global Studies
Fortune, Alissa

Spanish Language Acquisition Teacher - Immersion
Frederick, Justine

7th Grade Language & Literature
Fury, Christine

Occupational Therapist
Gabriel, Sharon

School Social Worker - 6th Grade
Gabriele, Rachael

AmeriCorps Academic Coach 
Gaughan, Michael

Visual Arts Teacher
Gelin, Jean


Glover, Shekita

Licensed Practical Nurse 2485
Greenwaldt, Chad

AVID Teacher
Hauser, Laura

Special Education Resource Teacher
Holzer, Nancy

6th Grade Mathematics
Howard, Tara

TOSA, Social Emotional Learning
Huber, Jennifer

Social Worker - 8th Grade
Ilich, Erica

Visual Arts Teacher
Jackson, Byron


Jackson, Gail

School Secretary
Jackson, Tara

Special Education Assistant 
Jessup, Elise

AmeriCorps Academic Coach 
Jones-Staricka, Naomi

Special Education Teacher - Fed III DCD
Kartheiser-Paal, Kathy

Northpoint Mental Health Provider

Kelland, Jon

Special Education Assistant 
Kesslar, James

Physical Education
Kielsmeier-Cook, Josh

Science Teacher, Community IB & Spanish Dual Immersion
Kimball, Laura

Science Teacher, Spanish Dual Immersion 
Knudson, John

Science & Math Teacher, Fed III SPAN 
Kruc, Colette

Special Education
Laurent, Leah

ELD & Spanish Dual Immersion Language Arts 612.692.0211
Lee, Nate

TOSA: Administrative Team
Leebrick-Stryker, Marlee

DCD Special Ed. Assistant 
Long, Marie

Developmental Adapted Physical Education Teacher 
Lopez, Cassandra

Spanish Language Acquisition Teacher
Lumbi, Carlos

Associate Educator 
Marquez, Amy

Speech/Language Clinician
Martens, Angela

Reading Teacher
Martin, Liz

Assistant Principal
Mcdermott, Ashley

Special Education Assistant

Menken, Joan

Office Specialist- Attendance
Mims, Shanta

Special Education Assistant 
Moskop, Nancy

School-Based Federal Level III (noncategorical) Teacher
Nelsen, Jenn

Special Education Resource Teacher
Nite, Jessica

Design - All Grades 612 692.1773
Noble, Terrance

Head Engineer 
O'Brien, Colleen

Design Teacher - Independent Living 
Orr, Nathaniel

Special Education Assistant 
Oyederu, Kehinde

Partney, Gary

7th / 8th Grade Mathematics
Pederson, Jane

Physical Therapist
Pederson, Tanya

ESL Co-Teacher
Pulphus-Jones, Latandria

Associate Educator - Cultural Mediator
Quimby, Heidi

Literacy Specialist
Sanez, Luis

Spanish Language Acquisition - Immersion
Shulman, Ellen

Skibba, Elisabeth

Special Education Assistant 
Smedsrud, Molly

AmeriCorps Academic Coach 
Sonquist, Benjamin

Science Teacher
Stearns, Candice

Special Education Assistant  
Sytsma, Marcia

School Psychologist
Teresa-Lucena, Pako

Associate Educator 
Thompson, Elizabeth

Special Education Assistant 
Toledo, Maria

Individuals & Societies Teacher - Immersion
Traslavina, David

English Language Acquisition
Un, Nori

School Nurse
Vagts, Lora

Social Worker - 7th Grade
Vang, Sheila

8th Grade Language & Literature
Wernimont, Sarah

 IB Coordinator
White, James

Science Teacher
Williams, Raina

Individuals & Societies Teacher
Wiskus, Beth

Music Therapist
Zallaps, Kim

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