About the IB MYP Spanish Dual Immersion Program

Anwatin's Two-Way Spanish Immersion program (also referred to as dual immersion) is the MPS middle school pathway for elementary students from Emerson, Sheridan, and Windom Spanish immersion sites.  We offer three academic subjects taught in Spanish to immersion learners during all three years of their middle school experience.  The MPS high school pathway for Spanish immersion students is Roosevelt High School where students continue their IB education in the MYP and DP.

At Anwatin, approximately one-third of students are enrolled in the Spanish Dual Immersion program.  Students take three years of the following courses in Spanish:

  • Individuals & Societies (MN Studies, US Studies, World Studies)
  • Advanced Spanish Language Acquisition (Phases 4 and 5)
  • Science Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

The rest of the immersion students’ classes are taught in English and study alongside students from the Community IB program.  This leads to many new and long-lasting friendships and the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of visual and performing arts, design, and other specialty courses. Additionally, Anwatin's Beacon's Afterschool programming, the Loppet Youth Programming, Project SUCCESS, ALC, and athletics are open to all students.

Spanish Immersion Teachers 2018-2019

Individuals & Societies
Elizabeth Dwight, grade 6
Robyn Eliason, grades 7 & 8

Advanced Spanish Language Acquisition
Ali Fortune, grade 6
David Traslavina, grades 7 & 8

Laura Kimball, grade 6
Adoración Palomero Ferrer, grades 7 & 8