Welcome to Athletics!

The Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Athletic Department is realigning 17 middle school athletic program begining fall 2015. This realignment will expand athletic opportunities for our 7th and 8th grade students.

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Athletic Director: Dr. Leo Lewis
Office Phone: (612) 668-1706

Additional Questions: Joseph Brown
Office Phone: (612) 668-2457

Behavior Code 

We Ask That All People Who Attend Minneapolis Public Schools Events

  • Recognize the abilities of the participants and do not expect professional levels of performance.
  • Encourage and support participants without trying to be coaches.
  • Exhibit a high level of self-control and respect towards officials, coaches and other participants and their parents.
  • Come to events chemically-free.
  • Respect the tobacco-free policy of the Minneapolis City Conference Schools.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner.
  • Respect and Support the Decisions of the Officials.
  • Discourage the inappropriate behavior of others.
  • Be a positive role model!

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