Phones are allowed in school but may not be used unless indicated by the supervisor of the students’ assigned location (classroom teacher, cafeteria supervisor, etc.). Phones should be secured in a safe location. The school is not responsible for lost cell phones and will not investigate cases of lost or stolen phones unless it is involving the student's’ assigned locker. Students are not to charge cell phones in class.

Phone Redirection:

  • First time: warning - put it away
  • Second time: Phone is confiscated and returned to student at end of day
  • Third time: Phone is held until a parent/guardian conferenceThere may be moments when a teacher or staff creates an exception to our rule, allowing cell phone use for school-related tasks such as viewing an educational video, using Kahoot!, checking grades, or conducting academic research.

To ensure clear communication of cell phone expectations, the person in charge of a space (teacher/classroom, cafeteria supervisor, etc) has the right and responsibility to both say and show what the expectation is and students are expected to follow it. When in doubt, keep the phone off and put away.

Example: Using a stoplight visual in the front of a room, the person in charge may signal:

  1. Green Light: Cell phone use allowed (only for the clearly stated purposes)
  2. Yellow light: 2 minutes left
  3. Red Light: Cell phones are off and securely stored

If a student does not follow the communicated expectation, all parties will follow the defined steps for redirection.

last update: May 2017

See also MPS district policy: 5210 Student Personal Electronic Devices