AmeriCorps Members at Parent Conferences

Role as City of Lakes AmeriCorps ELD Tutors:

In our role as City of Lakes AmeriCorps tutors, we will be providing in-class and out of class support for long term English Language Learners. We will first begin to build relationships with the students and discuss goals through a program called Possible Selves, next we will be building vocabulary skills using an Academic Vocabulary Toolkit, and enhancing writing skills using the Kansas Writing Strategies program. One of our main goals is to build academic self-esteem for our long-term English Language Learners and provide them extra support and tools that they will be able to carry with them throughout their academic careers and well into college. We are also part of the after school Beacons program and will be providing academic support during ALC as well as overseeing an Everyday Leaders program. In general we seek to be positive mentors and role models for the students here at Anwatin.

Tutor background information:

Sarah Smeltzer works primarily with Anwatin's awesome sixth grade EL students. She recently graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio with a degree in English.  Sarah has loved working in a middle school and experiencing all the joys and challenges it offers. She hopes that this year will give her insight for pursuing a career in education. Her sixth graders are inquisitive, funny, and reflective, and she learns from them every day. Sarah looks forward to a great and transformative year!

Jordan Ringquist recently graduated from Concordia College - Moorhead, MN in 2013 with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. Last year Jordan was an AmeriCorps member as well as a K-3 literacy tutor with the MN Reading Corps. Jordan is excited to work at Anwatin this year as an EL tutor and he hopes to gain experience for a possible future career in education!


Kayla Campanelli recently graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in English and African American Literature.  Last year she worked as an AVID tutor at a middle school in Madison, WI.  Kayla decided that she loves working with middle school students because they are extremely silly, but also very inquisitive and knowledgeable; they constantly surprise her.  Kayla chose the City of Lakes AmeriCorps program because she wanted to gain more experience in a classroom setting and hopefully gain perspective on what it means to be a successful teacher. This year Kayla is primarily working with 7th grade students and loving it so far! She is looking forward to a progressive rest of the year.


Ricky Bennet is working with eighth graders this academic year. Ricky is from Indiana and has been in this state for seven weeks now. Ricky have a B.S. in Natural Resources and she is nearing the end of her M.A in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Nature Based Education; go Ball State Cardinals! Getting out of her comfort box is a goal I have set for herself this year. Although she do not have plans to be in a formal teaching setting, Ricky hopes she will gain a lot from the journey she has ahead. Ricky believes she will learn a lot from the students and hopes they learn from her too. Thanks.