Welcome to IB Visual Art!

Welcome to The Art Department! My name is Miss Erica Ilich. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts and Art History from Eastern Michigan University and a Masters of Visual Art Education from the University of Minnesota.  When not teaching, I am a painter and illustrator.

I am very excited to be teaching another year of Visual Art at Anwatin Middle School. This year will be extra special, because Anwatin will be offering actual studio classes focusing on 2-D and 3-D Foundations of Art. This means that we will be able to spend more time together and delve deeper into what makes art such an important part of being human, addressing historical and contemporary views on the value of art from varying cultural perspectives.

Art is a universal language that is a part of our everyday lives. I believe that to gain artistic appreciation is to understand the many forms that art has assumed throughout history, and to bridge the gap between then and now so that students can better interpret and reflect upon the communities and cultures they live in and encounter. My art room celebrates multiple viewpoints that can show a student how to make independent choices that foster the idea that there can be more than one answer to a question. This is a unique life skill that continues to develop and be of use beyond the K-12 experience.

To say that I am passionate about the arts is an understatement, as this pursuit has had a significant impact on my own life and educational experience. My goal is to show students how they can use problem-solving skills while being creative and having fun. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Ms. Erica Ilich
MYP Visual Art Room 206
contact @ : erica.ilich@mpls.k12.mn.us

Classroom Expectations:




And please being a pencil to class!

Here are some recycled items that you can consider saving:

* Newspaper     *TP or Paper Towel Rolls      *Magazines        
*Lids/Bottle tops        *Paper Bags         *Small Cardboard boxes/Shoe boxes     
*Clean Plastic or Cardboard Jugs/ Containers (yogurt, oatmeal cans, etc) 

While up north, I dropped my camera in a pond of water (doh!) but was still determined to capture my favorite lake in the world. So I painted it. BEHOLD...LAKE SUPERIOR! Remember to always make the best of everything. Creativity is key. Be an innovative thinker, like Miss Ilich.
document 2D Foundations Syllabi   --  An outline of 2D Foundations, Levels One & Two. Syllabi includes grading, assessment, projects and general expectations.
document 3D Foundations Syllabi   --  An outline of 3D Foundations, Levels One & Two. Syllabi includes grading, assessment, projects and general expectations.