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Bamboo Pen & Ink Research for our School Garden - Botanical Illustrations. Drawn. Scanned. Painted Digitally. Arcimboldo I AM IB - Positive Propaganda Empty Bowls Research for our School Garden - Botanical Illustrations. Drawn. Scanned. Painted Digitally. A look inside our Process Journals (sketchbooks!) 
One-Point Perspective Printmaking - Gelatin Relief Prints Storyboard Design Stop Motion Animation Bamboo Pen & Ink Garden Photography Garden Photography Logo Design Positive + Negative - Space Gnome Village/Animal Vessels I AM IB - Positive Propaganda Personal Portrait Cultural Embroidery Ceramic Birdhouses for our School Garden

Greetings! My name is Miss Ilich and I am so excited to be teaching another year of Art & Design at Anwatin Middle School.

Just so you know a little bit about me, I earned a Master of Visual Art Education from The University of Minnesota. My undergraduate was completed at Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. There, I studied Art History, Painting and Film Photography. In addition to this, I also extensively studied Film History/Theory and Filmmaking, so I have a lot of media techniques in my tool belt, as well.

Art is a universal language that is a part of our everyday lives. I believe that to gain artistic appreciation is to understand the many forms that art has encompassed through the history of time, and to bridge the gap so that students can better interpret and reflect upon the communities and cultures they live in and encounter. My art room celebrates multiple perspectives that can show a student how to make independent choices that foster the idea that there can be more than one answer to a question. This is a unique life skill that continues to develop and be of use beyond the K-12 experience.

To say I am passionate about the arts in an understatement, as it has made such an important impact on my own life and educational experience. My goal is to show students how they can use problem solving skills while being creative and having fun. 

Thanks for stopping by,
Ms. Erica Ilich
MYP Art & Design Teacher
contact me at: erica.ilich@mpls.k12.mn.us





Below you will find a limited example of some of my personal work, which includes paintings, traditional film & digi photography/pinhole photography, and illustrations (few are for a children's book I have been working on which features an alter-ego version of myself traveling through outerspace with my cat and a flying squid -yeah, I am a huge nerd).


Personal Work