Ms. Gabriel is the social worker for all 6th grade students.  She has worked in the Minneapolis Public Schools since 1989.  She worked at Bethune Elementary School from January 1993 until 2015.  Ms. Gabriel has been serving students and families at Anwatin since the fall of 2013.

More About Sharon Gabriel

Ms. Gabriel was born in Detroit, Michigan.  She earned her bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University and her master's degree from Temple University.

As part of her role as a social worker, she talks with students, parents, staff, and others.  She works with regular and special education, attendnace, homeless and highly mobile, and any other areas of need.

About Anwatin she says, "I like that Anwatin is proud and strong!"  She envisions all of Anwatin holding hands and making a difference in the world.

Outside of school she is a wife and mother.