Information about ELA 8

Provides information about each unit in ELA 8 including literature, writing, and vocabulary: Each unit includes a novel and supporting text, content vocabulary, and a writing assignment.  Students are expected to read assigned novels at home and participate in class activities and shared inquiry discussion.  Each unit ends with a summative writing assignment (argumentative essay, informative research, narrative, profile essay).

Unit 1: Communities & Interactions

Text: Lois Lowry's The Giver

Supporting Text: Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

Writing Piece: Argumentative Essay

Unit Vocabulary Words: genre, setting, point-of-view, utopia, dystopia, argumentative, opposing view, rebuttal


Unit 2:  Culture & Perspective

TextThe Diary of Anne Frank: the play

Supporting Text: Albert Memmi's The Two Pennies, Najwa Qa'war Farah's The Worst of Two Choices and The Forsaken Olive Tree

Writing Piece: Informative Newscast


Unit 3: Cultural & Identity

Text: Richard Wright's Rite of Passage

Supporting TextRanda Adbel-Fattah's Ten Things I Hate About Me, Jeanne Wakatsuki's Farewell to Manazanar, Paul Zindel's Pigman

Writing Piece: Perosnal Narrative


Unit 4: Relationship & Interactions

Text: Sandra Cisneros's House on Mango Street

Supporting Text

Writing Piece: Memoir/Vignettes