Naviance is an online computer program used by students all over the U.S.  You can use Naviance to explore careers, colleges, and learn about your interests. 

Student Link to Naviance:

Directions for logging in to Naviance:

1.  Go to

2.  Type in your school email address under "email".  Your email is your computer log-in plus  Example:

3.  Your password for Naviance is your student ID number.  Your student ID number is the one you received when you first enrolled in the Minneapolis Public Schools district and is also the one you use to check out books in the media center.  Type your student ID number in under "password".  *If your student ID number is not at least 6 digits long, add a 0 at the front of the number to make it 6 digits long.  If you don't know your student ID number, ask me for it! 

4.  Hit "enter" or click on "sign in".