Anwatin Spanish Dual Immersion Program Update
September 2014

Vicent Sánchez i Grande, from Valencia, Spain, is teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade science this year in the immersion program.  In addition to a B.A. in Biology, he has a Master’s in Inclusive Education from the University of the Balearic Islands.  Sr. Sánchez has four years of teaching experience in science- teaching grades 7-12.  He has advanced technology skills and prior to teaching, has two years of working with at-risk students in a truancy prevention program.  Sr. Sánchez is tri-lingual, speaking Spanish, Catalan and English.  After being raised bilingually, Sr. Sánchez-Grande was most recently teaching in an immersion program in Spain where students study in Catalan and Spanish.  He has been a leader in his school community in developing cooperative learning strategies and interdisciplinary curriculum, and will be presenting cooperative learning techniques to our immersion team and to immersion teachers from around the state over MEA.  We are excited to have Sr. Sánchez join our immersion staff!

Bernardo Pérez-Seoane Justo, from Pomplona, Spain is teaching 6th grade Minnesota Studies, and 7th grade Spanish Language Arts in the immersion program.  He has a B.A. in history from the University of Navarra and has also completed a course in teaching Spanish as a Second Language.  Sr. Bernardo began his career working in therapeutic settings with students with special needs ranging from brain damage to drug addiction.  After entering the field of education, he has spent four years teaching Spanish as a second language, social studies, Spanish Literature and English as a second language.  He has also worked with students in a high school credit recovery program as well as a program for newly immigrated students.  With such an extensive and varied experience in special education and language learning, it is no surprise that Sr. Bernardo is already contributing so much of his expertise to our growing immersion program.   We are pleased to welcome Sr. Bernardo to our immersion staff!

Two years ago, the Minnesota Department of Education signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Spain to send qualified, experienced teachers from Spain to help fill our teacher shortages in immersion and world language classes.  Last year, MDE signed a similar agreement with Mexico.  There are currently a total of 37 sponsored teachers from China, Mexico and Spain in the state, with MPS hosting 5 teachers from Spain and 1 teacher from Mexico!

Spanish Immersion Teachers
2014-2015 School Year

  • Bernardo Pérez Seoane Justo (Individuals and Societies, Spanish Language Acquisition - phase 5)
  • Elizabeth Dwight (Coordinator, Science)
  • Nathan Lee (Spanish Language Acquisition - phases 4 and 5)
  • Robyn Eliason (Individuals and Societies)
  • Vicent Sánchez i Grande (Science)