Bienvenidos! About me!

Bienvenidos a este camino de Español, Aprendizaje, Altas Expectativas, Compromiso con la Comunidad y Diversión!!!

Estoy muy Felíz de ser parte de la Familia de Anwatin!!!

My name is Maria Fabiola Toledo. I was born in Caracas -Venezuela, but I have lived in the United States in Minneapolis-Minnesota for the last eighteen years. I am inspired to work with and for your students because of my family, my commitment to an education for empowerment, and my passion to learn new languages while improving and preserving my own native language and culture.

I am teaching at Anwatin:

6th Grade Immersion Spanish Individuals and Society (Minnesota History)

7th Grade Immersion Spanish Language Arts

7th Grade Advisory

My family is bilingual, tri-cultural. My husband is from Ecuador but has lived in Minnesota over eighteen years. My daughter Natalie, and my son David were born in the United States and are proud Vene-Ecua-Sotan because they have learned so much from each of these cultures. They speak fluent English and Spanish because my husband and I make sure every day they remember who we are, where we are from, and where we are going. My family is my strength, and my hope to work for a better world.

I am also inspired by the commitment I have for education and empowerment. Learning and sharing knowledge is something I remember doing since I was a kid. I come from a poor neighborhood in Caracas-Venezuela where resources were limited. However, I learned education was the door to create a different future for me and my family. Everything I learned I shared with others to help them be well. I also learned that my current circumstances and challenges would not determine my future. Therefore, I went to school and studied. I earned my high school diploma, went to college, and moved to the United States where I earned my B.A. in Social Studies at the Urban Teacher Program at Metropolitan State University. Then, I went to graduate school, and earned my Master Degree in Educational Leadership at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Now, I am currently a Doctorate Candidate in Educational Leadership at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota where I am conducting research on youth development, and transformational leadership.

I am committed to share what I have learned in the last eighteen years volunteering, working, learning, and sharing knowledge to improve the quality of education in Minnesota.

Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime with questions, concerns or support. I love having volunteers!!!

Por favor comuniquese si tiene alguna pregunta, duda, o apoyo. Me encantan los voluntarios, su participacion en muy importante!!!

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