The Haunting Hour, short stories by R.L. Stine
Thursday, April 13, 2006 11:35 AM

The Haunting Hour, short stories by R.L. Stine reviewed by Jovonn M. Barefield 

The Halloween Dance, Illustrated by Joe Rivera *** Stars

    This is a story about some kids who perform a dance on Halloween night that makes the dead and living one. The Bad Baby-Sitter, Illustrated by Vince Natale  ***** Stars

    This story is about these two kids that find out that their original baby-sitter has called in sick and that there new baby-sitter is a "Hot Chick" named Lulu.  When Lulu came the first time they made Mud Cookies of their friends and baked them in the oven.  What they didn't know was that these so called mud cookies were really Vu Due dolls.  You have to read what happens for yourself.  .

Revenge of the Snowman, Illustrated by Art Spiegelman **** Stars

    This story is about these three boys who play a trick on one of their friends because he always blabs on about the differentr ways you can die.  It's a winter prank, and you've got to find out what happens.

How to Bargain with Dragon, Illustrated by Charles Burns *** Stars

    This is a fairy tale story about a boy who goes out to look for a famous dragon master who sends him on a journey to capture a dragon so that his collection will be completed.  Since dragons can talk he finds out that the dragons are really peaceful animals that eat berries from bushes and not humans.  The boy also finds out that the famous dragon master is a cruel man who destroyed all the berries that gave the dragons no choice but to go and live with him.  The boy must help the dragons get out!  .

The Mummy's Drream, Illustrated by John Jude Palencar **** Stars

    This is a story where you find out what it is like to lay side-by-side a mummy.  Whaaaahhhhhhhhh! Scary Huh!

Are We There Yet?  Illustrated by Greg Call ***** Stars

    This is a story about two boys who go on a car trip with their mom and dad.  They stay at a resort and sleep in a cabin for the night.  When the boys wake up they find that their mom and Dad are missing.  Where could they be?  Read this to find out.  .

Take Me With You, Illustrated by Roz Chast  *** Stars

    This story is about a young girl who's father brings home an old antique trunk that has a girl ghost trapped inside.  The ghost wants to go with the girl on her camping trip because she didn't ever get a chance to go anywhere when she was alive.

My Imaginary Friend, Illustrated by clay Patrick McBride ***** Stars

    The title as you can see brings out what is is about.  It is about a boy at age 12 who has two imaginary friends that cause him to do terrible things.  It might start out kind of foggy but you will understand at the end.  .

Losers, Illustrated by Patrick Arrasmith  **** Stars

    This is a story about two boys who always like to go to the State Fair and laugh at people with no regard to their feelings.  The time comes when they are lowered into a place where they are fed some strange cotton candy that blows them up, and then they were used for judging.  Read the story to find out the rest!

Can You Draw Me?  Illustrated by Bleu Turrell **** Stars

    This is a story of a boy who is given two painbrushes from a lesson with a teacher who turns out to be dead.  I guess the brushes were filled with his spirit so evertime the boy would use the brushes he would go out of control.