Health Services

Mission statement
Our goal is to help maintaining our students health and safety while they are attaining their academic success. We assist students and parents in keeping up with the state requirement for immunization, diseases prevention, physical examination recommendation, medication administration and any current health issues that may affect our students and school community.



About the Licensed School Nurse
I am Mrs UN. I have received my Bachelor degree from the University of Minnesota, School of Nursing in 1987 and my Master degree from the same University in 1997. I have been in the home visiting nurse and in the extended care nursing before becoming a Minneapolis Public School Nurse these last 10 years. I always love working with the children in the community and my most preferred population are the adolescence.

Office hours: Every day except Wednesday from 8:15am to 4:15pm

  About the Licensed Practical Nurse
Kim Smith
612-668 2485



Emergency Care and your child specific medical concerns
We recommend that you informed us of any chronic health condition that your student may have like life threatening peanut/food allergy, asthma, seizure disorder, diabetes or nutrition information.

Emergency contact and phone numbers
At least three working phone numbers are required in case we need to contact you immediately for an emergency that requires medical attention. We appreciate a promptness in the response to our phone call. Please contact us if any of your phone number has changed or you move to a different address.

Physical Examination
We recommend that our 7th grade students get a physical exam at the same time when he or she get his or her required shots. Our sport coach also needs a copy of the physical information if your student is involved in the after school sport activities.For low cost medical care, view this resource. For low cost dental care, view this resource

Chronic health condition and medication
Please inform our Health Office staff of any chronic health condition that affect your student. If medication is to be given at school, a medication administration form needs to be completed and signed by you and your health care provider. Medication needs to be in the bottle with the pharmacy label. Consult our school district policy regarding medication administration at school or call us at 612-668 2485 or 668- 2484 if you have any questions.

Student who is sick with vomiting, diarrhea or has a fever of 100 or more should remain at home.

A  24hours period is required to minimize any communicable diseases from spreading in our school community .

You can visit our district Health Related Services web site at for more comprehensive school health policies.

Special Education
We work closely with the special education team. Please direct your questions to your child classroom teacher, our school social worker . Call or stop by and talk to one of our nurses regarding any educational accommodation your student may have.

Moodle Health Curriculum for teacher
To get free access on line health curriculum, please visit or visit

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