Welcome to Ms. Anthenat's Math Class

Hello, my name is Kim Anthenat.  I am married and have two grown daughters. In my free time, I enjoy walking our dog,  reading, sewing, cooking, and household repair projects.  You would be surprised how many of these actiites involve math!  

I have been a member of the sixth grade team since 2011.  I have well over thirty years of experience teaching middle school mathematics, and all but three of those years have been at Anwatin.  I love Anwatin, and love working with middle school students.  I look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

Parents, please ask your child frequently to tell you what topic was just covered in math class. Have him or her tell you everything that he or she knows about the topic. When possible have students use their math skills in everyday life. Some examples of how to do this: cut a recipe in half, double a recipe, find the correct amount for a tip at a restaurant, estimate how much is being spent on a shopping trip, measure for a construction project, find out how much less you would pay if you are eligible for a percent discount.

Students in my class receive an assignment almost every class day. Any work not completed in class becomes homework and is due the next day.  Students should expect to have frequent homework and should schedule a time and place to do that work. If there is something unusual going on that prevents your child from doing their homework on time, a note from a parent would be helpful.  If  your child is regularly spending more than 20-25 minutes on homework from my class, please contact me.  This may be an indication that they need extra help during or after class.  If students need help with their homework and you have internet access, have them try mathOnLine.org    or   www.hclib.org/homework

Parents may request a grade update at any time by sending a note with your child or emailing me at kim.anthenat@mpls.k12.mn.us. Parents are also encouraged to sign up for the parent portal which gives them access to information about grades in all of their child's classes.  Thank you for sending your child to Anwatin. I look forward to teaching him or her each day and hope to meet you soon.