Individuals and Societies- Grade 8 Global Studies

Greetings students and families! My name is Mrs. Forrest and this is my 27th year in Minneapolis Public Schools and 13th year at Anwatin Middle School.

Global Studies Curriculum 2017-2018

First Quarter: 10 weeks

Unit One: Introduction (4 weeks)

Class rules/norms

Community Building/Growth Mindset

5 Themes of Geography/IB Key Concepts


CNN News

Unit Two:  North America- Canada, US & Mexico (3 weeks)

Unit Three: Central America (2 weeks)

Unit Four : Voting/Government Unit (2 weeks )

Second Quarter: 10 weeks

Continue with Voting unit (1 Week)

Unit Five: South America (3 weeks)

Unit Six: Africa (3 weeks)

Unit Seven : Asia (3 weeks)

Third Quarter: 10 Weeks

Unit Eight: 8th grade Capstone Project (3 weeks)

Unit Nine: Australia (2 weeks)

Unit Ten: Model UN (2 weeks)

Unit Eleven: Europe (3 weeks)

Fourth Quarter: 10 weeks

Unit Twelve: Career/Junior Achievement: (2 Weeks)

Unit Thirteen: Human Rights (3 weeks)

Unit Fourteen: Global Topics/Religion (2 weeks)

Create A Country/Final Assessment (2 weeks)

















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