Hello.  Welcome to the ALPHA team.  Did you know that ALPHA stands for All People Have Access?  Our aim in the DCD special program at Anwatin is to make this statement a reality. 

Hi my name is Naomi Jones-Staricka.
Students may call me Mrs. J.


S.U.N.Y. Geneseo
B.S. Special Education
Severe and Multiple Disabilities

Columbia Teacher's College
M.A. Special Education
Autistic Adolescents

Years Teaching at Anwatin:
15 + 2
I taught at Anwatin for 15 years (many of them job sharing with Colette Kruc) before "graduating" with some of my students to Washburn H.S..
My five years teaching at the high school gave me a lot of insight into the continuum of special education services in Minneapolis.
Now I am back, and loving it "in the middle" again!