ALPHA Team Anecdotes
Hello! My name is Colette Kruc. The students call me Mrs. Kruc.

Welcome to the ALPHA (ALl People Have Access) Team!

My name is Colette Kruc.  I have been teaching at Anwatin since 1991.  Prior to that, I taught for 3 years at Washburn High School, and before that, 3 years at Emerson School. 

College of St. Teresa, Winona
Elementary Education, B.S. in Special Education

Part of my philosophy is to provide a language-rich environment to help model and facilitate both receptive and expressive communication.  From here, based on the individual needs of your child, we construct a program that both meets your child's present skills while helping your child to grow towards his or her potential.  In fact, one of our units this year is to help all students become more involved in their own IEPs!  Please see the supplies attachment listed below to see what your child needs to help him/her get off to a terrific start to the school year!

Communication with the home is another important part of my philosophy.  Please feel free to write me a note.  You may also email me at the link below at any time or you may call me any time during the day. If I am unavailable, please leave a message, as I check my messages throughout the day and I will try to return your call within one school day.

As part of the International Baccalaureate Programme, the ALPHA team, room 114, will be focusing on increasing world knowledge as we learn about ourselves and the world around us.   I teach work skills, math, science/social skills and Community Service Team.

Besides the Individual Educational Plans, we have core academics, mainstream classes as appropriate, physical education and Community Service Team.  This is a service-learning class that is a mixed ability class with general education eighth graders.  Please see the attachment below that outlines the class and some of the fun learning activities we will be doing as we help to build our community!

I look forward to a wonderful year.  Please feel free to stop in or contact me at any time as we work together to help your child reach his or her potential!

Colette Kruc
Teacher, ALPHA team