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Student Learning Resources

Visit the MPS Student Learning Resources for the latest online databases and digital resources!

E-Learning Plan

In the event that school is closed due to weather, students will have an E-Learning Day and will select from the activities in the attached guide.  Assignments will be reviewed by the corresponding teacher.  In cases where technology or other required materials are unavailable, the student should communicate with the teacher and make an alternative plan - that may include an adjustment to the due date or the type of activity.

History Day Resources

Individuals and Societies Teachers are updating this History Day Resources Google Document with the latest links to develop students' understanding around all things related to the History Day project, research, and competitions.  Check it out!

Books and Reading

Find out what books you like, what books others are reading, and even write your own reviews. Great news websites about what is going on in the world!

Hour of Code
Fun and Games

Need something to do because you are done with your work? These links are both fun and educational!

Images and Music for Projects

Use these links to find copyright free images for you school projects!

Keyboarding Practice!

Need some extra practice to learn how to type faster and more accurately? Try out these free websites. There are also fun games to reinforce your skills!

Geography Bee Practice

This contest is designed to motivate students to learn about the world and how it works. Students in grades four through eight are eligible for this challenging competition. Find out more....