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Anwatin Transportation Help Requests:

Check with your advisory teacher at the Open House for your bus tag.  To help with the number of requests for help at the start of the year, we ask families/students to fill out the following forms if they need assistance:

- If I need a regular bus route assigned to me - Monday-Friday with the same stop in the morning and afternoon - fill out this form.

- If I have a special transportation request (like if I am going to two addresses during the week) - fill out this form.

- If I have some other bus issue - fill out this form.

The above forms will be directed to Anwatin's team of support staff to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

Here Comes the bus

Download the app to keep track of your student's bus.

At the end of August, the District Transportation Department sends postcards to parents (through the U.S. Mail) listing the pick-up and drop-off locations and times for their child’s bus. Please have your child at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. If you move or have other transportation changes, please call the Transportation Department at 612-668-2300. This will help ensure that your child has transportation on each and every school day.

Minneapolis Public Schools provides bus transportation for students going to and from school. The established rules and regulations are designed to protect the welfare of those riding the bus. Every student, regardless of age, will be responsible for following these rules. They must realize that misconduct or careless or thoughtless behavior can cause serious injury to themselves or other passengers.

Bus Safety Rules:
  • Stay out of the “Danger Zones” outside the bus.
  • Follow the driver’s instructions.
  • Be on time.
  • After sitting down, remain seated until its time to leave the bus.
  • Be respectful. No fighting, swearing, or yelling.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean. Do not damage the bus.
  • Keep head and arms inside the bus windows.
  • Do not bring pets or any dangerous objects on the bus.
  • Do not open the bus windows more than half way.

Parents are reminded that only students and staff assigned to the bus by school authority may be transported.

Parents share the responsibility with their children for their conduct while on the school bus and in the school bus loading/unloading areas. Students who are involved in serious or repeated incidents will be denied transportation. Parents will be notified if the student is to lose this privilege. Good conduct is always the first rule of safety. Please call Transportation Dispatch at 612-668-2300 with any school bus safety concerns. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bikes: If you ride your bike to school you may park your bike in the racks on the East side of the building near Door 2. We do not keep bicycles inside the building, and the school is not responsible if they are damaged, lost or stolen. All bicycles should be carefully chained and locked. You may not ride bikes on school property, including sidewalks. Use caution during high traffic times.

Skateboards: If you use a skateboard, you must not ride them on school property, including the parking lot and sidewalks on our block. It is never acceptable to ride the skateboard inside the school. Carry it to your locker for storage until dismissal and carry it off school grounds.

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256 Upton Ave. S.
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