Attendance Guidlines

If you attend school every day and do your best, you will be successful!

  1. Please check in at the attendance office if you arrive after the arrival bell.

  2. Your parent/guardian should call the office at 612-668-2450 whenever you are absent or give you a signed written note to bring to school. If no note or telephone call is received, the absence is listed as unexcused.

  3. An absence is an excused absence if it is because of:

    1. Illness

    2. Religious observances

    3. Funeral or family emergency

    4. Special school activities and/or field trips

    5. Doctor/dentist appointments

    6. Vacation (this is discouraged and should be pre-excused so students can keep up with their work)

  4. To be excused for special appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) you should have a parent telephone the school or send a note with you the day of the appointment. Be sure to check out at the attendance office in the morning to get a pass to show the teacher when you leave. Check in when you return to school.

  5. If you become ill during the day, tell an adult. He or she will give you permission to go to the health office. The health assistant will help you decide if there is a need to contact a parent for permission to leave school early. Staff are trained when to send students in the health office and when to keep a child in the classroom.

  6. DO NOT LEAVE THE SCHOOL building or grounds without permission. ALWAYS check out in the main office before you leave if it is during the school day.

  7. REMEMBER, whenever you are absent, YOU are responsible for finding out what work has been missed, to do the work, and to turn it in to your teacher(s) at the assigned time. 

Each classroom has a standard hallway pass to use for the restroom, to get a drink, or retrieve something important from your locker; however, the teachers have the discretion whether a student can leave the room with a pass or not. You are never to become disruptive in class because you are denied a pass. If you abuse hallway passes or are found in the halls without a pass during class time you will lose the privilege to use them and may be assigned additional consequences as well. You are expected to prioritize class time and to use passes rarely. Each classroom may vary; familiarize yourself with each teacher’s system and speak to your teacher if you have any questions. Students with medical issues should ensure that parents have contacted the nurse about a medical pass.

Tardy and Truancy
You are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared with your materials. You are tardy to class if you do not enter the classroom with the teacher and other students. If you arrive late to class with an excused tardy pass you will be marked “L” for excused tardy. If you arrive late to class without a pass during the launch of the lesson you will be marked “Q” for unexcused tardy. If you are unaccounted for for all or part of the class period you are marked “U” for unexcused/unaccounted for.

Anwatin Middle School communicates attendance records to the State of Minnesota and Hennepin County. Students with habitually poor attendance are reported to designated officials and students and their families may have to appear in court and attend classes. It is our expectation that students are in class on time every hour.

Parents and legal guardians receive daily attendance updates via an automated phone message. If there are any discrepancies, please contact the attendance office by calling 612-668-2450. 

See also MPS policies: Attendance 5100-5199

PDF Tardy Referral Steps   --  current as of September 11, 2017