Anwatin Cell Phone Policy

Learning Without Cell Phones

All personal electronics must be turned off and put away during the school day. We discourage students from bringing electronics to school but understand that sometimes it is needed before and after school hours. Students may use cell phones and other electronics on the school bus and in the halls before or after school. Students may NOT use them during school hours between 9:15- 4:00 pm.

Purpose of Cell Phone Policy

  1. We prioritize real human interaction. We believe that learning the skills of in-person communication and collaboration are most important. This generation has grown up with computers and cell phones. Students are already good at using electronics – they do not need social media practice or gaming practice at school. One of the most important skills our students will learn at Anwatin is how to get along and work well, face-to-face, with a variety of people.

  2. Electronics are disruptive. Cell phones ringing and buzzing disrupt the class.

  3. They are distracting. Students will pay more attention to their friends’ texts and their games than to the lesson if allowed. We want students focused on the learning and social interactions with friends.

  4. They cause drama. Lots of fights start on social media. Students tend to say things online that they would never say out loud. We don’t want extra drama at school.

  5. They get stolen or lost. A cell phone is a very expensive tool for youth to be responsible for. They are easily lost, misplaced and sometimes stolen. Leaving them in a locked locker is best if they can’t stay at home.

  6. They are addicting. Cell phone addiction is a real phenomenon. Managing boredom without tools or toys is an important life skill that we have little opportunity to practice when the phone is always present. We want our students to be fully present and experience all that school has to offer.

  7. Students don’t need them. Anwatin has technology in all the classrooms. Students do not need their cell phone to access the Internet or do any other class work. If parents need to reach a student, please call the main office at 612-668-2450 and we will deliver a message or bring your student to the phone.

Cell Phone Policy Consequences (Per district policy 5210)

If a students' cell phone or other device is on or in use and comes to a staff member’s attention, staff will take the device. The first time a cell phone is confiscated a phone call will be made home and the student may pick the phone up at the end of the day in the Nest. The second time a device is confiscated a parent or guardian will be required to pick up the cell phone and the student will no longer be allowed to possess a personal electronic device at school.

Anwatin staff will not spend time finding electronics that are missing from anywhere other than a locker.

Parents – we hope that you will emphasize to your student the importance of following these rules to keep Anwatin focused on learning and safe!