The District Parent Advisory Council is made up of parents members of Zone 1,  Zone 2 and Zone 3 councils.  Meetings are an excellent opportunity for regular dialogue with the Superintendent (or her designee) and district staff.  Ten representatives from each Zone council comprise the membership of the DPAC.  However, all parents or guardians are welcome to attend DPAC meetings.  

Zone Councils
DPAC members are parents of Minneapolis Public Schools students who are sent by their Zone council as representatives of the Zone.
The purpose of Zone Council Meetings is to provide parents an opportunity to meet with their respective associate superintendents, other neighborhood schools and community leaders to:

• Provide input concerning school-related issues
• Make recommendations in support of enhancing learning opportunities and environments
• Advocate for issues vital to the success of schools, youth, and families in their community
Each Zone Council will select 5 people to be their members on the District Parent Advisory Council.  Alternates also will be chosen to serve on DPAC. The Superintendent may also invite representatives from parent groups that serve specific populations at her discretion.

Attendance at these meetings is open to all parents and leaders of community organizations who are invested in their respective neighborhoods. You can attend the Zone council in the Zone of Minneapolis where you live, or you can attend the Zone council for the school(s) that your family attends.