Locker Expectations

Be Respectful

  • Stand only by your locker to make room for others
  • Use kind and respectful language like “excuse me” and “thank you”
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself; leave other people’s property alone

Be Responsible

  • Use only your assigned locker
  • Always leave locks on the assigned locker
  • Keep your locker combination private (only you should know it)
  • Return borrowed items
  • Dispose of garbage in appropriate bins
  • Ask an adult if you need help with your locker

Be Safe

  • Keep only your belongings in your locker
  • Store your jacket, backpack, cell phone and other important belongings in your locker until the end of the day
  • Take food home or throw away in garbage

Be Your Best

  • Keep assignments and notes in your binder
  • Take your binder to every class
  • Take home newsletters and school work to finish or study
  • Report vandalism and tampering of locks to an adult
  • Keep the area around your locker clean

What to do if...

I lost my lock:
The cost to the school to replace a lost or damaged lock is $8.  The office and staff will issue a new lock to a student and welcomes cash or check donations to help cover the cost.
I can’t open my locker:
Seek help from a nearby adult; office staff and your advisory teacher can also assist.
My locker is far away:
Be strategic about planning when you go to your locker; once in the morning, once around lunch time, and at the end of the day usually works for most people. Using a single binder for multiple classes helps avoid unnecessary trips. Avoid things getting lost, stolen, and/or
unaccessible by using only your locker!

I believe someone knows my combination:
In most cases, this can be prevented by keeping your combination private and not sharing it with a friend.  If a friend asks to share a locker with you remind them of the expectations.  Listen to their concerns help help them problem solve - maybe they forgot their combination and need encouragement to ask an adult!  Maybe they struggle to get to class on time so give them a gentle reminder to wrap up a conversation and move more purposefully through the halls.

See also MPS district policy: 5680 Search of Students, Lockers, Desks, Motor Vehicles