Mrs. Quimby - Reading Workshop gr. 7 and 8

Welcome to Reading Workshop.

I am excited to have you in my class.  My goal is to have each of you develop into lifelong readers.

Long-term Learning Targets:

  •   I can engage in a variety of strategies to help me monitor my comprehension before, during, and after I read.
  •   I can analyze what the text says and support my inferences and conclusions through writing and speaking.
  •   I can apply verbal and written strategies for learning new words so that I can better understand what I read and explain what I write.
  •   I can read 18 books by the end of the school year, increasing my stamina and ability to read more complex texts.


We follow the IB Be(s)

  • Be At Your Best
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe


  •      Redirection in the class (an opportunity to fix the behavior).
  •      You will be asked to take a break in the classroom.
  •        You will be asked to take a break in the buddy room.       
  •        If you are in the buddy room more than 2x in a week, I will call home.
  •      Level 2 (and beyond) behaviors will be sent to the dean.
  •      Conference with parent(s)/guardian.


This class focuses on reading and the skills/strategies that make us motivated to read and understand what we’ve read.

You will earn grades from independent reading, responding to your independent reading, and classroom assignments.


Read each night for fun!!