Mrs. Nite

Welcome to Design Class!

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Over the course of your time in the MYP at Anwatin, you will have the opportunity to take 2 semesters of Design Topics to master the Design Cycle process.

The Design Cycle is a way of thinking and organizing to help you realize a goal.  Whether that goal be a new entrée for a restaurant, an essay for English class, or a brand new skyscraper.


‚ÄčThe Design Cycle starts with an  investigation  of an issue or topic: what do you want to do? What problem do you want to solve?  The next step is to  plan  what you think will give you the outcome that you are looking for.  Then you begin to  create  the product (or to put the plan that you have come up with into action). Finally, you will  evaluate  both your end product as well as your process to determine whether or not it was a success, and reflect on what you could have done differently to obtain a better outcome.