Monday, June 6, 2011



Good Morning!
Every morning this school year we’ve paused for a minute to listen to words of wisdom from around the world.  We’ve heard the words of poets, philosophers, politicians, religious leaders, and even a small child.  So what now?  Do we expect you to be the wisest young person in town?  Are we looking to see if you’ve sprouted wings?  Here’s what American writer Elbert Hubbard says about that:  Every person is a darn fool for a least five minutes every day.  Wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.  We all do foolish things every day.  We say something we wish we hadn’t said.  We do something we wish we hadn’t.  We’re too hard on ourselves about one thing and not hard enough on ourselves about something else.  So the goal this summer is to do your very best to make the wisest choices you can and try not to exceed the limit when it comes to foolish behavior!  Then . . . make it a great summer vacation or not . . . the choice is yours.
1.       The Spanish Dual Immersion program is having a recognition ceremony in the auditoriumon Monday, June 6th for all sixth, seventh and eighth grade dual Spanish immersion students during 6th and 7th hour.  These sixth graders should be excused from their 5th hour class at their regular time at 2:28 and report to the auditorium by 2:32pm.  Students will be held in the cafeteria until 4:00pm.  The program will be in Spanish.
2.       Today is the last day to sign up for volleyball and football for next fall.  If you’re interested in playing or have questions, speak with Mr. Bellfield during lunch today.
3.       Check out the lost and found in the main foyer.  If you’re missing a book, binder or other item, make sure you check there today because we’ll be throwing everything away tonight that’s not claimed.
4.       All lockers should be cleaned out.  If you weren’t here Friday to do that, please make sure you take care of it during advisory this morning and give your advisor your lock.
5.       We remain on a strict NO PASS rule.  We have a lot going on these next few days but, if you’re not where you’re supposed to be and with an adult, you will be sent home.  Stay focused, have some fun, and make it through until Wednesday!