Please consider giving your time as a Spanish speaker interested in working with our L1 and L2 Spanish speakers or help out by donating materials to help us do great things in the classroom!

2014-2015 school year:

Opportunities to volunteer:

            Year-Round - lend us a hand whenever you can!

  • Read with our students in Spanish (one-on-one or in small groups, grades 6-8)
  • Small group tutoring (basic to advanced grammar, writing, public speaking in Spanish)
  • Join us for fieldtrips
  • Help us plan quarterly assemblies and community events

    December - February
  • Spanish Spelling bee practice - lead small groups in practicing spelling words and preparing for the bee in January/February
  • Arts and Crafts - help out in the classroom during the construction of our Cardboard Boxes (Cajas de Cartón) project

    April - June 2015:
  • Come speak to sixth grade students about bilingual career opportunities (Spanish)
  • Help our seventh and eighth grade students prepare for the Model United Nations in Spanish- the 2014-2015 topic is refugees
  • Help us plan and/or host the end of the year immersion ceremony



  • tissues
  • magazines for collages (school/age appropriate)

  • cardboard boxes, art supplies for making dioramas

  • costumes/props: especially for our medical careers and bilingual careers unit in the spring - students will be performing skits and career-related costumes and props will help our students get into character and really imagine themselves as true bilingual professionals